Teaching Awards

School of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Award for Distinguished Teaching by Graduate Students for the 2016-2017 academic year (University of Pennsylvania)

Departmental Good Teaching Award for Fall 2016, Spring 2015 (University of Pennsylvania)

Courses taught at Georgia Institute of Technology

Multi-Variable Calculus MATH 2551 (Fall 2018)

Courses taught at University of Pennsylvania

Pre-Freshman Program (Summer 2017: Instructor, Summer 2016: Teaching Assistant)
I taught the engineering mathematics course of University of Pennsylvania’s Pre-freshman program. During an intensive four-week period, I prepared a group of incoming engineering freshman for the mathematics sequence that starts in the fall semester.

Coursera (Spring, Summer 2015: Teaching Assistant)
I was a teaching assistant for an online course Calculus : Single Variable offered by the University of Pennsylvania via Coursera.

Single-Variable Calculus for Engineers MATH 104E (Fall 2016: Teaching Assistant)
This was a flipped classroom model of Calculus course for engineering students.

Multi-Variable Calculus for Engineers MATH 114E (Spring 2015: Teaching Assistant)

Single-Variable Calculus MATH 104 (Fall 2014: Teaching Assistant)